Slurry storage

We offer all kinds of solutions for the storage of slurry.

Although slurry is in principle a fertilizer with a high fertilizing value, it can be an environmental problem in areas with a high cattle load, at the moment in which the balance between agricultural activity and livestock production is broken. Under these conditions an overflow of the crops usually occurs, and then the slurry becomes a pollutant residue for soil and atmosphere, but above all for surface and groundwater.

In the case of having a surplus of slurry that can not be applied as fertilizer on agricultural land, it is possible to propose the implementation of treatment systems that allow the partial or total purging of surplus manure.

Application, on the farm itself, of simple pre-treatment systems, and low investment, that allow to improve the agronomic properties of slurry and reduce its impact on the environment. Of all existing pretreatment systems, we highlight a mixed (physical-biological) system of solid-liquid separation by screening with addition of a microbiological adjuvant.