Genap deposits are distinguished especially by their quality, unalterable form, and mechanical strength.

The chaps of the tanks have a layer of zinc of 275 grams / m2 on both sides of the sheet, and have a high tensile strength 5280 GD according to DIN-EN 10147.

Coating and treatment of sheets Plastisol green anticorrosion

In Genap tanks, there is the option of supplying the plates with all of the aforementioned characteristics, plus its special green plastisol, anticorrosive coating with a thickness of 200 μm (microns), on both sides of the plates

This treatment is highly recommended especially in the first floor tiles that are in contact with the floor, to considerably extend the life of the tank.

Also, it is advisable to put all the plates with this treatment, especially if the tank will be installed near the sea.

It should be noted, the aesthetic finish green color, which helps us to minimize the visual impact.

With Plastisol, the service life of the tank is extended to 25 years or more.

Tank with all the plates with the coating PLASTISOL anticorrosion
Deposit with galvanized sheet
Tank with bottom sheet with PLASTISOL anticorrosion coating