Anti-alloy covers and nets

Genap presents the new floating deck, SILOFLOAT, for water tanks. With SILOFLOAT coverage, Genap meets the needs of the market with a safe solution for water tanks. Due to the high resistance to ultraviolet rays, this solution is very suitable for the export market. It covers the water surface almost 100%, and can be installed in both full and empty water tanks. It can be installed by 2 people, it is very simple and fast, it does not require tools, nor electricity during its installation.


The anti-algae cover SILOFLOAT is delivered with everything necessary for the assembly:
-Totally equiped.
-Easy installation, no special tools
-Fast installation in both empty and full water tanks
-Available for all water tanks
-Elevate algae growth
-Under maintenance
-High buoyancy
-High resistance against U.V.
-Reduction of water evaporation
-It accompanies with assembly manual


The Genatex 700 anti-algae tarpaulin is a recognized system for the coating of tanks. The webbing fabric is permeable and protects against light and dirt.

SILOFLOAT cover once installed
Genatex 700 anti-algae mesh
Genatex 700 anti-algae mesh
SILOFLOAT cover lifted